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Representation & Reconciliation

How indigenous representation plays into Americas understanding of indigenous culture can paint how  indigenous peoples are viewed by the world whether that's through good representation such as indigenous people telling their own stories like Reservation Dogs or bad representation through mascots.

Representation Matters, it affects how we see ourselves and how view each other 

Indigenous In Plain Sight | Gregg Deal | TEDxBoulder

Sec. Haaland on the significance of Native American representation

6 Misconceptions About Native American People | Teen Vogue

Indigenous People Review Native American Characters In Film & TV

Representation of Native Americans in Thanksgiving and The Truth about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was made a national holiday on 1863 by Abraham Lincoln to foster a sense unity in the country. The story that the Pilgrims and Native Americans worked together in harmony to create a wonderful feast to celebrate the unity of their society isn't true. Thanksgiving is a winners feast, there was a huge battle between the Pilgrims and Native Americans where the Pilgrims were victorious and because they were victorious they feasted.

Below are a few videos, regarding the truth about what happened on Thanksgiving and the native perspective

Native American Girls Describe the REAL History Behind Thanksgiving | Teen Vogue

Thanksgiving | Native Americans | One Word | Cut

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