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What does Advocacy means, 

to aim influence on decisions within the political, economic, and social and to public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.  


What does Allyship means, 

to give support to others whom are part of a group which has been treated unfairly,

Advocacy & Allyship

What does advocacy for the indigenous community look like 

When advocating for the indigenous community it's important to give indigenous peoples the room and space to speak openly on the issues that they face and the turmoil they endure.

There are ways to help, by starting with educating yourself on the topic of about indigenous cultures, supporting by donating to indigenous non-profits whom are advocating for native peoples and their rights. Shopping at indigenous business, volunteering with indigenous organizations and or supporting public policy that supports indigenous rights. 

Below are some videos about what an indigenous Advocate looks like 

How This Indigenous Runner Uses Her Platform to Advocate for Women Like Her | NowThis

Running for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women | Rosalie Fish | TEDxYouth@Seattle

What does allyship for the indigenous community look like

Some ways to be an active ally to Indigenous Peoples is by,

taking time to learn about the native community of where you live and places you visit. Another way is by removing harmful stereotypes and degrading language, such as saying "lets PowWow" to describe a short meeting. Other ways include educating yourself about structural discrimination, Land Back and the elimination of Native tribes. 

Below are some videos about indigenous allyship

In Our Voices - Being an effective Ally to Indigenous communities

8 Ways to be an Ally to Indigenous Peoples

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