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Ceremony & Community

What does community mean,
It's a group of people feeling a fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Community revolves around a common culture and common kinship. We gather together with our children and our elders to strengthen community ties, and build cultural understanding.

What does ceremony mean,
Ceremony is about our connection with Creator and the universe. The 4 sacred medicines; tobacco, sage, sweetgrass and cedar; all have specific meanings, and are used throughout Tribal communities  Ceremony is prayer.  We offer our medicine in the form of song, dance, spoken word.  Our medicine items are the Drum, the Rattle, the Flute.
Our ceremonies are sacred and  are unique  to each Tribal Nation. 

Below are some vides discussing what community and ceremony mean 

Chief Glenna Wallace on the Tradition of the Pow Wow

The power of sharing history through story-telling! | Dan Nanamkin | TEDxSpokane

REACH Is built on the pillars of,  "R" - Representation & Reconciliation, ,  "E" - Education & Equity,  "A” - Advocacy & Allyship,  "C" - Community & Ceremony,   "H" - Healing & Health Care. Erath with people all around it the colors are black, white , yellow, read, light blue
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